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So much more than your average inline shock. The latest addition to our family of highly tunable shocks, Opal HV T3 is a versatile inline air shock for e-bikes, cross-country, trail and enduro bikes where clearance is preferred and strength, durability and performance are necessary. A 10mm hard-chromed chromoly internal shaft reduces hard side loading, one of the main causes of premature shock failure. The large DU-style bushing on the seal head, combined with more bushing overlap on the air can, greatly improve Opal’s long-term reliability and performance. The larger high-volume air sleeve delivers our most dialed small bump sensitivity yet. The T3 Compression switch has a new rubberized lever for even faster adjustments on changing terrain. 

Opal HV T3 is available in metric and trunnion sizes with T3 Compression, dynamic low speed rebound adjust and negative volume adjustment to tune the starting force. The shock comes in its own reusable carrying case, and includes a shock pump and quick-clip volume spacers.

The Opal Inline series is a highly tunable family of inline air shocks that bring simplicity and durability together. Suitable for e-mtb, cross country, trail and enduro bikes, the Opal Inline Series provides straightforward adjustability with T3 Compression for 3 quick compression settings for whatever terrain lays ahead, and a dynamic low speed rebound adjust. Our HV High Volume air sleeve offers negative volume adjustment to tune the starting force and accommodates a multitude of suspension kinematics such as regressive, linear or progressive.