Deviate Highlander 2

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This is the Highlander II - Deviate’s 145mm all-carbon, all-conquering trail bike, freshly reconfigured for 2023. A bike for bike park laps, all day rides, messing about in the woods and everything in between. A bike for reaching the highest, most remote peaks, before screaming down the other side in a stream of speed and laughter.

If the Claymore is a huge broadsword, then the Highlander II is a rapier – lighter, perhaps; more agile – but just as deadly in the right hands. It punches far, far above its weight. Carefully considered geometry suits the most discerning of riders, and 145mm of high-pivot travel will get you out of anything you get yourself into, with astounding performance that matches bikes with far more suspension travel.

Blank frames, no shock. But we can supply custom builds of any flavour 

All info and geometry below