NEW 2023 DVO Onyx SC fork 36mm

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Why Onyx SC

The little brother to the Onyx DC, this is the Onyx SC D1. At 180mm of travel, this is our top of the line enduro race fork. Featuring the proven D1 damper, high/low speed compression, rebound, and externally adjustable OTT. With 36mm stanchions and our stiffest chassis yet, charge hard into the roughest sections with confidence.

Six clicks of low speed compression give quick access to firming up the fork for pedaling, opening up for descending, and mid settings for everything in between. Over thirty clicks of High Speed Compression give precise control for support on big hits. Shim stack controlled rebound that is 100% dynamic. meaning, the rebound is controlled based on the speed at which oil flows through the system. The fork will react to what you throw at it and be ready for what’s next. Our industry exclusive OTT feature really sets DVO product apart from anything else. It allows you to perfectly fine tune how the initial stroke feels without any mid/end stoke compromise. You really do the best of both worlds.

Combining the stiff chassis characteristics with our exclusive features and damping design give our forks a unique ride feel unlike anything else on the market.

ADD a vorsprung smashpot to your basket with this item and ill build the fork with it. contact will be made after the sale to iron our specs and details needed 



  • Adjustments
    High/Low Speed Compression | Rebound | OTT
  • Travel
  • Starting Weight
    27.5 = 2200g. | 29 = 2150g.
  • Offset
    27.5=42mm | 29=44mm
  • Axle to Crown
    27.5=575mm | 29=592 (at max travels)
  • Stanchions
    36mm Tapered Alloy
  • Wheel Size
    27.5 | 29
  • Axle
    15mm Boost
  • Steerer Options
    Tapered Alloy
  • Lowers
    Magnesium, Disc Only
  • Disc
    Direct Mount 180mm
  • Color Options
    Black, Green, Blue