DVO Onyx E1 (Ebike) 36mm

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Why Onyx SC E1?

Based on the solid foundation of our D1 platform, this is the E1 series. Though many E suspension platforms take an approach of increased compression damping and higher air pressure, we knew there was more to it. The approach was to make a comfortable ride that maintained control when pushed hard. E-MTB’s provide the luxury of ripping both up and down the trail. Due to this, comfort was paramount as you pedal over obstacles at high speed. Increasing compression damping wasn’t the simple answer. Our D1 damper maintains a lighter compression tune for a supple ride that keeps you fresh until the battery runs out.

Due to the added weight and mileage from an E-MTB, we increased the bushing overlap within the casting. This provides two benefits; structural stability and longevity. When pushed hard, the increased overlap maintains structural integrity for precise steering in big hit situations. Durability also comes into play with the luxury of riding farther in a shorter amount of time. The new bushing design will allow you to rack up the miles without the loss in performance.

It’s a simple approach, but aren’t those always the best. Small changes equate to big advantages on the trail. This is the E1 series.


  • Adjustments
    High/Low Speed Compression | Rebound | OTT
  • Travel
  • Starting Weight
    27.5 = 2200g. | 29 = 2250g.
  • Offset
    27.5=42mm | 29=44mm
  • Axle to Crown
    27.5=575mm | 29=592 (at max travels)
  • Stanchions
    36mm Tapered Alloy
  • Wheel Size
    27.5 | 29
  • Axle
    15mm Boost
  • Steerer Options
    Tapered Alloy
  • Lowers
    Magnesium, Disc Only
  • Disc
    Direct Mount 180mm
  • Color Options