BYB data acquisition testing and set up


Suspension technology has drastically evolved in the last few years, we have reached an incredibly high standard of quality and performance, but also increased in complication level.

With more tuning parameters available on every suspension product, finding a proper suspension set-up is not a straightforward operation, even for the pros.

Here at DVO NZ we offer a testing and set up service for athletes and riders looking to make the most out of their bikes and ensure they are paired perfectly with that bike. We use BYB telemetry to capture and understand the information of the riders current set up, going over the data, finding any issues and imbalances that we need to work on. We tune these out and retest.

Testing this is the best and most accurate way to ensure the changes you are making are having a positive and tangible impact on you riding the trails at pace. We then regather more information with more runs and reassess the data to ensure we are moving the bike and rider in the best direction for them. Repeating the process until we are satisfied and we have the best base line setting. This usually takes around 6/8 runs or a full day of chairlift / shuttle laps 

Changes we can make on the day range from utilising the external adjustment of the suspension (OTT, compression, rebound) spring rate and progression changes, cockpit adjustment, tyre pressure and where applicable, frame geometry  

What information are we gathering on the day?

  1. The BYB headunit detects the force and the vibrations at the handlebar plus the lean and rotation orientation of the bike using a 3 axis gyroscope and accelerometer                                                                                              
  2. The GPS is equipped with an external antenna mounted to the top tube in order to get a strong and precise reading, this antenna is many times more powerful and accurate than a smart phone or Garmin                                      
  3. Fork and shock sensors that take 1000 samples a second to map the damper shaft speeds being generated as well and plotting the axle position of the bike at all times, basically showing us what the wheels and dampers are doing under you at all times.                                                                         
  4.  Digital braking sensors. Braking caused shifts in body weight and changes the way the bike is being loaded so with BYBs new 2.0 system its critical for data analysis and timed runs that we can see front and rear brake isolation, timing of breaking and its effects on lap times and the bikes performance                                                                                                                         


How do we interpret the information?

    Thanks to BYBs software we can break down the following in graphs and charts on the laptop or smart phone 

    • Advanced display and calculations over the acquired metrics

    • GPS tracking overlay for timed run breakdowns to see if we are making you faster and what the data changes are at set GPS points 

    • %, mm, suspension or wheel travel visualisation graphs so you can see what the bikes doing while all other data is measured 

    • True 10 point leverage ratio input for progression and wheel rate calculations so we can see fork vs shock in a histogram overlay  

    • Suspension damping speed charts overlay with all other data measured to check for consistency in damping feel and control  

    • Deep Axle Position distribution mapping with braking pattern overlay 

    • Velocity distribution with vibration and gyro interoperation to see what you are feeling at the handlebar 

    • Comparison between two runs (times and metrics) we can line these up back to back and compare all measured data before and after chages are made 

    • Dedicated space to store settings and notes from the riders feedback and record all settings from the bike                                                                       

    When the day is done what should i expect?

    You can expect you will be both faster and more in control at that speed. You will get a full PDF of the info we gathered for both starting and end points. We will know that the bike is set up into a great sweet spot for you, We will know if any other part changes are needed for the bike and you will come away with a greater understanding of what each adjustment is achieving for your set up. No change is made in isolation so you will develop the ability to trouble shoot what can cause feelings or events you dont desire on the bike and how to tune them out... or if you forget you can just ask me at any time after the testing session

    What does it cost and whats included?

    These systems are not cheap and we have 2 systems. In order to keep costs down and make the day more fun its best to do with 2 people at a time, this allows us to bounce ideas of each-other and so you have someone to smash laps with 

    For 2 riders, a full day of shuttles or chair lift, data analysis and set up the day rate is $590 each and riders on DVO suspension get $100 off per person 

    Feel free to get in touch and discuss options for you, we can decide on where and when to test based on weather, skill level and what you are looking to achieve on your bike 

    Cheers, JP